About Us

We satisfy your needs with a wide range of specialized  product´s ,suited to Perform in every area. We only offer high quality equipment  that lasts a lifetime.

Starting in 2003 our aim was to create a portal for german speaking bodyboarders. This kind of portal hasn´t exist in the past. And we´re very excited that such many german bodyboarders exist. Very fast we acknowledge that there are many peoples who looking for a place to share there love for the sport. So we decided to put more work in this platform.

At the Germany Surfing Championchips in 2005 many people talked to us that it´s very difficult to get bodyboards from the foreign countrys and why we doesn´t like to open an own bodyboard shop. So our bodyboard shop has been born. But after some time we understand that many boards are not built for the european cost. That doesn´t wondering if you think about that this boards are built for countrys like the US and Australia. This countrys most have more powerfull waves so they need another shape like here. Europe has this kind of waves too, but they are not typical for the standard european bodyboarder. So we decided to create a more typical bodyboard.

In 2012 we startet with our own label Aerial Bodyboards. First we has only a very specific bodyboard wax on a full organic base. But in 2013 we started with our first bodyboard concept.
As far as possible we work only with european companys which are all international specialist in there work. So we can garant a very high valueable product. A product for bodyboarders like you and me. People who had their first water contact or belongs to a high professional degree.

We´re proud to present you products which will let you enjoy this sport.
Our service will not end at your order, it begins their.
Let the Sponge rule your world!