Bodyboard lessons for beginners and professionals.

Aerial Bodyboards is sponsor of the portuguese surfschools Shore Break Waveriding School, Sintrasurf and Boogietrips. At this we´re main sponsor of Shore Break.

aerial-bodyboards-surfschool-2The owners Nicolas and Nuno have several years of knowledge in giving training lessons to national and international customers of all levels. Most of them regular customers right now.

The surf schools offers their customers short ways to the local surf spots, because of their positions on Lisbon and Sintra.
Highlights are the events which Shore Break started in the past. They created a bodyboard club to give young people the possibility to get a inside look of real bodyboarding live. And this possibility has been picked up by many. A yearly highlight are the visit of the bodyboarding stars Jeff Hubbard, David Hubbard and Amaury Lavherne. So the students have the amazing chance to get some training of the hero´s of the sport.


aerial-bodyboards-surfschoolThe surf school is under the Aerial Bodyboards glag since 2015. So you get the chance to try out some of the Aerial bodyboards and the equipment.

More infos and pictures you find by Shorebreak.