All our products offer a high quality and produced mainly in coop with european companys. We work together with famous shapern and our team mates to invent products that have one main target… to work well. Consistently we get positiv feedback that show us that we´re on the right way.



Bodyboards for beginners and professionals.
Any wave got his stick.




The wetsuit for bodyboarder – Aerial AIRSKIN.
Glued and Blindstitched with full flexibility via Airskin Neopren.






The safety between surfer and bodyboard.





The necessary hold on the bodyboard persist of 100% natural credentials.





Modern fans of Aerial know to reflect themselfes.





Buyers Guide

Is a high quality board necessary??

The price of a good board or equipment is often a no go and many beginners like to deceide for a cheaper board which they get at the typical portals. It´s very often that they recognize their mistake on vacation. Why I have less fun like others, the ask themselfes. It doesn´t need the ultimate board but it should be a reasonable and quality bodyboard. Please let you advise at a specialised dealer and trust his knowledge.

The inner core is counting

Especially the core is responsible for all properties and durability of your bodyboard. Very often ignorant dealers try to sell EPS cores as professional bodyboards and the customer have the bad aftervision on his vacation. The bodyboard is bent or broken and this happens on the first days. EPS is a option for childs to play directly on the beach. You can surf smaller broken waves with this. Every other person should get a PE or PP core.